About Us


We are a company that specializes in all types of transport operations on domestic and international routes. Transcorpus provides removal and storage services in Lithuania, Europe and CIS countries.

Transporting :

partial/full truckloads transportation, delivery via terminals or from door-to-door is the main direction of our company’s work, which is constantly developing. Improving our capacity, expanding the circle of partners, we strive to develop the highest quality transport services.

Export / import countries which we work with:

  • Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
  • Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark
  • Belgium, Netherlands, France, Italy
  • Poland, Germany, Austria
  • Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
  • Great Britain
  • Russia, Belarus


We have a class A warehouses in Vilnius, close to the airport in the area. Our logistics warehouse customers time personal items, pallets, oversized cargo, small parcels. Warehouse services:

  • loading – unloading;
  • responsible storage;
  • freight handling and forwarding;
  • substandard cargo handling operations;
  • cargo repackaging opportunity (paper, film, tape);
  • weighing;
  • formation of consignments, product labeling;
  • picking and gathering;
  • the number of products, packaging damage and state control;
  • stored goods accounting;
  • long-term and short-term storage of goods in customs and commercial warehouses and free territory;
  • preparation of goods for transport;
  • potential cargo handling in the evening and at night and rest days;
  • consolidation of cargo – cargo for dispatching a single outlet in the area by the area
  • possible transport of goods preparation methods: palette, mixed palette, boxes


  • your cargo protection
  • work quality and efficiency
  • you do not have to worry about additional costs


We provide removal services in Lithuania and Europe. We are specialists in this area, so you will not have to take care of moving to a new home, because you will come to the survey, to calculate the migration costs and effectively indicate the price of the items will be included picking/ packing/ unpacking/loading / unloading truck costs.

Relocation in Europe provide service from door to door, which means that your belongings will be safely removed from the current house door to new house door without reloading elsewhere, which is at the same time will ensure a faster and more reliable delivery.

Moving  services:

  • domestic and international transportation of personal effects
  • local and international office relocation
  • exhibits, works of art and musical instruments transportation
  • diplomatic cargo from door to door
  • storage solutions for private and business customers